CDL Core Values

Our exceptional work is derived from employees who exemplify our core values: Safety First,

Sense of Urgency, Can Do… Improvise. Adapt. Overcome, Quality Above All and One Team One


These core values that have recently been added onto banners, email signatures, and tokens to

highlight those who go above and beyond to bring CDL to excellence.

Safety First:

The jobs most workers complete is not an easy one and without safety, it would only be harder.

We strive to ensure the safety of both the customers and the co-workers within the walls of

CDL and out in the field.

Sense of Urgency:

Working safely, however, should not be confused with slowly – a sense of urgency can is not

rushing either. Those who exemplify this trait know that waiting for valuable moments does not

lead to success. Instead, we create those moments.

Can Do… Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

A can-do attitude can elevate one’s work and expediency greatly. Rather than shying away from

a challenge, taking the issues head-on is key to achieving and maintaining success.

Quality Above All

Product and service quality is crucial to customer satisfaction, profitability and the future of our

employees and our growth.

One Team. One Dream.

Without unity, these core values will always fall short of attaining prosperity. With one team,

CDL can achieve our dreams.

Hugo Flores